Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fail blog.

The Chinese new years festival at Chinatown was totally not worth going..maybe cause I missed all the events and came as the stalls started packing up, I'm not too sure.. Saw the lions dancing tho :) And thats all that matters.

That day was full of fail moments, including Johnny asking the woman in the stall if there was meat in Nian gao, proving how smart he really is. Funny just watching the woman's WTF face. LOL!
"Do you know what nian gao is??"

Onto another issue today, I realize that there are still 4 huge boxes of stuff that I have yet to unpack sitting in my room. Should I unpack them? LOL. I'm really becoming a lazy potato :( Man, if this was me like 2 years ago, everything would have been unpacked on the day. What have I become!?

Well.. my mother just walked into the room, looks like I'll be spending Valentines day with my brothers at Geelong. Whoopdiedoo? Sigh..well I guess i shouldn't be disappointed, it's not like I had any other spectacular plans anyways. Self-awareness day, i shall give you a miss this year. Maybe next years will be awesome. Mabes :) anyway, it can be "Sibling love day". Naww..
Not in the weird way though. Clean up that sick mind of yours.

Thats right. Shame on you.

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