Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well I'll be leaving for Geelong tomorrow morning, so I thought I'd blog before I go, since who knows when I'm going to be back? It could be days, weeks..even months.
Yeeeea I'm just kidding, I'll be back on Wednesday :)

Aaanyway. I recently bought two books, and I'm really excited to get stuck into them! The last book I read was Memoirs of a Geisha, and that was pretty good..makes me want to watch the movie since I haven't yet. Yeh I know its old but.. your mum is old and you still watch her!! HAHA. J-o-k-e-s. The two books look so.. beautiful! I love the covers, I probably just bought them cause they look good. And cause Rose-Smay suggested them, thanks baby! So that will give me something to do on the plane. First time on the plane without adult supervision D: Gosh, i AM growing up, arn't i?? =)
OH and guess what people, while I was at the bookstore, I found Hairy Maclary! LOL my childhood partner in crime. He's so hairy.

Oh yeh, remember how I said that I was learning the guitar? Yea..... I suck. HAHA you know me, I'm all for positive thinking. But no matter how much I practice, it sounds no where near as good as its supposed to! Maybe I should stick to the piano. Be a piano man (H).
Last night I got so bored that I tried curling my hair with a straightener! How awesome am I. I need longer hair. Grow hair, GROW!!! >:] Sigh.. I have to find other ways to amuse myself. Or make more friends. LOL

Got a picture of how Zhen totalled the car :P On closer inspection, it's pretty cool! I've never been so close to a car that dented :) Proud. Haha.. wonder if something similar will happen to me. It probably will.. Which reminds me I still need to learn how to park properly :( Last time I went too far and hit the wall. But just a bit! Don't judge me, I'm a good driver. Lucky everyone was okay, however in the car that he hit, apparently there were two girls in the backseat that were my age that couldn't stop crying :\ aw, poor cookie monsters.

P.s, listen to the song in the side bar- I wanna let her know, by J.Beale If you haven't heard that song already. Awesome song to the max! So sad tho :(

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