Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life's moving pretty fast.

Chinese new year is coming again, It's reminded me how much things have changed since the last new year, and the new year before, and the new year before that. So much change, now that I think about it.
Within the last year I've had many 'Firsts'.. good and bad ones... lots of bad ones. Losing loved ones one after the other.. to disease, cancer, old age.. But then again thats life. And hopefully If we keep pushing on, awesome things will happen that will make up for the shitty parts! So i'm not complaining. Obviously that only works if you make an effort though..
Alrighty, this is the part where I rant. The thing that ticks me off sometimes..no, ALL the time.. is when people just expect things to work out when they don't even make the smallest amount of effort. Their thinking just revolves around themselves, thinking about only how it affects themselves. Well what about what you're doing to others?
And then when something comes up that only minorly blocks their pathway, they just say Ok. I can't be effed.
You know what else? People that always say things like "Maybe I should just die." GO AHEAD then. But just remember that there are so many people in this world that actually want to live but can't. Those that are terminally ill are literally dieing to live.

Another thing, Queensland is about to be hit by a cyclone. Right after being flooded. Tell me how fair you think that is. Think about how lucky you are to be in a safe place with people that care for you. You even just saying that sentence is not even cool.

I remember when I was a little kid and my dad beat me into a pulp for not eating all of my food. I said "I should just die so that he feels bad."
LOL at myself at that young age. But now I understand, life is important. Cherish, god damn it!
You wouldn't be wishing you were dead if you actually made an effort to make your life better. You're life will only be as awesome as you make it. So get off your couch-potato ass and do something!!

Back to the topic of CNY, Having a quiet one this year, steamboat with my family. You know what I want to do? Make a steamboat in the shape of an actual boat. How cool would that be!? Then it would be an actual steam boat :D yee..
You can tell i'm bored by how much I've written.. diu man, diu! Just tried to make my timetable for my course.. But what am I even suppposed to do?
Last night I was playing badminton, and i was going for a smash. And Smashed the fingers on my left hand. HAHA Smart arn't I? And when I tried to pick up my cup this morning..WHAT THE HELL IS THIS PAIN!? LOL It's weird because you can't see much of a bruise, but when you touch it, it hurts like a b-word.
LOL I just read this part, all students undertaking Bachelor of dental surgery must go through TB screening as required. LOLOL TB. Teeny Bopper (H). Jokes. It's testing for Tuberculosis.

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