Tuesday, February 22, 2011

They're fighting, literally.

And so I deal with it the only way I know how, isolating myself in my bedroom, shoving my earphones in and blasting the music.
I can't handle all the screaming and banging noises on the wall.
And after all this, sorry really is the hardest word to say. At least it is if you're saying it to my Dad.
Sigh, I think I made his 'anger bar' rise just before the fight.

Earlier today I put a skullduggery tattoo on my arm, fake one ofcourse. But when my dad saw it, he raged. Even though its fake. I can't do anything without making him mad these days, but i do try, I really do.
This makes for another shit day, i really think I'm losing all my bubbles. But whatevs. If other people can handle it, so can I. Even if it means being emo for a while, I'll get over it. Everything will be awesome soon, cause thats life :) Can't wait for things to be ok. SETTLE, KETTLE!

cheese, I'm still lame. Sorry for the depressing post, I had to get it off my chest. So now that there is nothing on my chest -pun intended- (LOLOLOLOLOL ah, I crack myself up sometimes..) Let's talk about good stuff.

It was turning out to be quite a good day before I got home, things were great. I got closer to the friends I already made, plus, made a new friend. I wasn't even trying to but it just happened.
"taking the lift? So whats your name?"
"Jun, like the month!"
" Ohhh, thats heaps cool."
".....Med school smells like sheep and pee doesn't it?"
What an awesome conversation =)
All this just because of positive thinking, Thanks to the words from a couple of my awesome foursome friends!! :) Couldn't live without you guys. Less than three dudes, less than three. :D

We're just like Elmer and Cookieman.

On to another random topic, my hair is growing rapidly. People keep asking- Are they extensions or..? I swear your hair wasn't this long. *pulls at Jun's hair*. LOL what the-_- did you just touch my hair? don't touch my sexy hair!

Another interesting thing, for my course I'm required to go to a couple dental clinics and collect teeth that they extract over 10weeks O_O..but naturally they'll be sterilized before we use them so it's all good. Got any teeth that you don't want? :) I can't wait to start the actual course, enough of this o-week crap! Mitochondria and cytoplasms, I've missed you so much!

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  1. thats a cute elmo!! just like u are ahaha xD. hope you feel better soon:)