Monday, February 21, 2011

I said a bird- bird- bird, the bird is the word.

So..O-week ehy, what a waste of time am I right? Everything about it was boring. Probably because I didn't go look at the free stuff, but seriously I almost fell asleep several times. Not just once. SEVERAL!!
Once again my friend making skills have failed me. lol at my face-_- Oh well, I'll just go with the flow, and get through these five years. It's only five years right? I'll survive.
Don't feel like 'making the world smile' anymore..
At lunch my new group were eating at the David Jones' food court, and these kids.. Let's just say it was all silent. Today I even pulled the Chicken joke to break the ice. They're probably thinking; "Shit, she's one of THOSE people." Fail more than a whale..

I guess I'm kind of disappointed, but its alright.. theres plenty of time to make friends. And besides, I know I have some preeeeetty awesome friends already! =)

Oh, and to everyone at badminton tonight.. I'm sorry. I was a massive bitch wasn't I? Just had stuff on my mind.. Forgive me! I know how gay I was being but.. my face just didn't feel like smiling at all. You know? I won't do it again!

And I leave thee with a JOKE.
"Oh no jun the spoon, not again" -_- ok.

Man: Honey, your teeth remind me of the stars..
Woman: I know right, because they sparkle :D
Man: No, because they come out at night! HAAAAHAHAHA.


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  2. I forgot.. Oh that's right!

    Blogging = Venting.. which is good :). But you know, if you wanna rage at someone or in general, I'm always here :D.. Give me a call next time la!