Friday, February 18, 2011

Fo' Shizzle, My ezzle.

So I was a little confuzzled as to what to write on my blog next, so my not so awesome friend told me to simply "write about things that keep bugging your mind". Haha i joke, he's awesome (H)
Things that keep 'bugging my mind'.. well I know one thing that is bugging me, having to buy model teeth for dentistry. Really? $400? Why so expensive la, I can't grow money on trees. I must admit it's a pretty cool model.. It'd look nice in my room ;) LOL lovely.

What else has been on my mind lately..? Well. Girls that give in too easily. Do you have so little confidence in yourself that the moment you get complimented by a guy, you fall for him thinking that he is the best you can do? Its funny how the boy only has to say a few nice words "I think you're beautiful" or something along those lines, and they get sucked in. Yeh, players, another thing i dislike.-_- Do you ENJOY messing with people's feelings? Does that bring you awesomeness? I think not!


So these guys have a way of making the girl feel 'special', like she's the only girl in his universe. But then it turns out that the dude talks to every girl the same way. Gets on my nerves how many girls fall for them, and each of them come out pissed off and crying. Well, too bad too sad==. Sigh, boys these days.
I rekon thats what kind of puts me off from finding someone. What if they're just as I suspected, player to the max? But then again, he might be wonderful, and everything I ever wanted :) But.. what do I really want? I don't know what I want. Shiz, this crap is confusing me, even more than before I blogged it. Chh! Definately Fail blog.

On to more important topics, I'm starting my driving lessons on Saturday. Finally! Haha, yes.. I've dragged it on for long enough and decided I better get my P's before my L's expire. For all you people that have given me lifts, I'd be happy to return the favour. EXCEPT for Johnny Lo, because you're just USING ME!! Haha j-o-k-e :) That is, if you're not scared of getting hurt. LOL kidding, I'm good. Getting my TB screening tomorow, going to get pricked in the arm D: sigh.. i hate it when its like.. quick stabs of pain-_- I'd rather have a needle go into my arm slowly, like an injection, since I'll be expecting it. But with quick stabs its like you don't know when they're going to press the button, there is the scary element of surprise. Even though they might say "OK, I'm going to stab you now," They still pause for one or two seconds before they jab. Scary as, you know? Or mabes it's just me. -_- again with the awkwardness, but it's ok, thats what makes me JUN =)

SMILE! =)))

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