Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hey Angel, UTHE sexy!

Well, last day in Geelong/Melbourne, Ti took us to Melbourne again, since theres really not much to do in Geelong..Oo, Hip song by Rain. Go CHECK IT OUT! It’s super sexy. LOL my brother had it on repeat in his car the whole day..

Quite a super fun day :D We went shopping at South Wharf, its like the harbour town of Melbourne, except much, MUCH better! They had stores for Adidas, Nike, Puma, as well as Burberry, Mimco, Superdryand other awesome stores that I didn’t even bother to go in. Not even on their best sale would I set foot.. LOL joke :) There was also a clothes brand called Charlie Brown! HAHA Calm down, Charlie brown..There were heaaaps of sales, but I don’t know..didn’t feel the need to buy heaps of new stuff? Bought one skirt though..first skirt I’ve bought for myself? Indeed. HAHA nice of you bloggers to follow me growing up… Oh the shame. :P

Also went to the Dandenong National Park. It was sooo beautiful.. Like a rainforest without the humidity. The trees were super tall, and heaps of wildlife. I saw a deer!! Ohhhhhdeaarr… :DHAHA.

And I made a new friend, and his name shall be Fluffo.

Sigh..My brother has been such a super awesome one these few days, not that hes not always super awesome, but yeh. I feel super grateful (: He still made time for us even though he’s got so much uni stuff going on.. even made us a suuuper delicious dinner. Thanks Ti! =))) triple chin love.

I also got to eat the best gelati I ever tasted! Mabes cause I don’t really buy gelati. But it was so good. THEY HAD DURIAN FLAVOUR D: Like what the shiz, durian flavoured ice-cream in one of those posh Italian stores? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!? I don’t know *shakes head* but I love it ;) hehhe.. Wish I could have remembered the name though..sigh. Fail whale.

So I be back super soon. Compared to Melbourne, Adelaide is SO quiet. But I like it that way =)

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