Monday, February 14, 2011


Geelong. Funny name huh? :) haha, nice to visit but I would hate to live here.. It's just too.. country. I'd be like a country bumpkin. Munchkin. Thats the word of the day, so cute right? Lol the Geelong air is getting to me, I'm going crazy :\
Went down to Melbourne though, that was fun. But I gotta say it's like being at Norwood again, asians everywhere you look. Melbourne people are also a lot more stylish that Adelaidians, everyone looks dressed up! But yes, Melbourne is pretty awesome, lots to look at. Excuse me for the heaps of photos that are coming! And yes, awkward jellyfish to the dude that looks like he's sinking in grass

I was wearing my mickey mouse t-shirt and was walking past a busker dude playing the guitar. All of a sudden he bursts into song: "The girl was wearing a mickey mouse T-shirt~~~ "
I was like.. that song sounds funny... WAIT. I'M WEARING A MICKEY MOUSE T-SHIRT!!
So awkward, I looked at him and he was nodding and smiling at me. Then I got freaked out and started running away.. poor guy, I'm sorry!

Seen some weird store names in Melbourne, among those being Zensushoes, Tuck, Ding Dong, Flower drum and also one really gay one:

LOL at that. Zhen spotted it and was like omgholycrapsicles! =)
The shopping there is pretty good, it's expensive but when things are on sale its really good. Bought myself a pair of nikes, Yes.. i know. So boyish right. :'( I'm trying to be a girl I really am! Haha.. But they look so cool.. and they were only $40! Asian bargain right there.
One other cool thing in Melbourne that I really like is their public bikes! Gosh, that would be so cool to just borrow one.. tempting, tempting... Hahaha Adelaide should have them.. You put $2.50 into the coin slot thing and then get to borrow the bike for a certain amount of time, then you add money for however long you went over that time when you bring it back. Cool huh!? If anyone goes to Melbourne with me again, lets ride!

We also had drinks at Max Brenner. Chocolate by the bald man. I'm not even kidding, that was the name of the shop! I laughed so hard.. i was just like.. "chocolate by.. the.. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAAH." But it was nice. Expensive, but nice :) It was fully owned by asians. Hardcore asians with tattoos everywhere! And most of their customers were asian too. Ah, the eyecandy. However I noticed there were alot more good looking girls than guys. Pick it up, guys!!!! -_- There was also a dude holding a samurai sword.....o_o
I had a peanut butter iced chockie. Tastes like peanut butter. LOL

Oh gosh, I almost forgot, it's the 14th of February, Happy Valentines day everybody! Wishing you all the best in spreading the love. My dads actually putting pressure on me to find a boyfriend soon O_O SO weird, talking about relationships with him....gosh, if there was ever an awkward turtle, it would be this one. But seriously whats the point of rushing me? There is plenty of time for me to mingle. Mingle jingle. Well today has been good I guess, I got a cyber rose! LOL-_- you know the one. @->--
Nice to know there are friends that love me even though I'm far away in the distant land of Gee-short. LOL sorry, I have to stop being so lame >:|
Happy valentines day.

Those are my trusty horses and carriage :D

The waterfall of I Love You!

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  1. hahahaha love ur lame jokes jun! and ur spot of Le Nguyen is so win!!!