Friday, February 7, 2014

Clean soul

Guys,  have something to say. You're gonna be like what what in the butt?!

I cleaned my room. HAHA no you don't understand, it wasn't any old clean. it was like the spring clean fairies came and shat all over my room with their cleanliness. lol.. Let me just make sure you understand how messy my room used to be. it would get to the point where I would run out of clothes to wear cause they'd all be piled up at the end of my bed. Dishes would be left from all the rushed breakfasts-while-watching-lectures, untouched until the last space of my desk had been completely occupied. I'd lose something for a week and find it later while looking for something else, maybe a worksheet I had misplaced in the piles upon piles of paper stacks. Look. I have photographic proof. 


Yup. I really wasn't joking. I feel like this is an unfortunate super bad habit of mine. its probably going to bite me in the ass in the future. How will my children survive?! lol. Must work to be neater. And cleaner. ..and less of a slob

and so I finally cleaned my room. :) super proud if I say so myself. trololol. Got home from uni around 5pm and started cleaning abit before badminton. At that point I had started moving things around and things were getting veryyyy crazy. There was barely any room to move, what with all the junk I have lying around. Bagged some things off to the Salvation Army, and really thought hard about what I really don't need anymore and had to throw. Sigh. If you know me, you know that I find it hard to throw old things out. Just cause of the memories they bring. mentality of a girl. haha lame. This time.. man i threw away alot of stuff :( 
Anywho final result? 

Weeeeeeee, sho clean!! Makes me actually want to sit down and study. Crazy feels. hahah.. 
Aaaaad now I'm dead. tired. exhaaaausted! love this feeling haha. means ill get a restful nights sleep. 
Hope you do too! Goodnight jiggaboos. 

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