Monday, February 10, 2014

Super cool fun times

LOL I WISH. Haha Deceptive blog title what?
Really should have thought more before accepting weekend work shifts. I haven't been able to sleep-in in what feels like forever. Is this reality!? 
No more 1pm wake-ups for this snorlax, no sir. Haha.. I guess its a good thing though. Surprisingly I feel like I can handle it :D Yep, princess Jun is ready to not be such a princess anymore. haha
I don't really miss the sleep-ins so much, and I actually look forward to my morning routine. Breakfast at my table watching episodes of Modern Family have quickly become the norm for me.
Beginning this week is week 5 of my Pre-clin block, I can't believe its been a month of uni already! Everything seems to be moving along so fast. Moving along so well :) But still, again, not finding enough time to do things that I need to do! Wait, not finding, I should say making time. If things are worth doing, you need to make time for them right? Not just sit there and wait for a free slot of time to come along. Life so busy man, geeeegeeeeee. Lets get it lets go? #davidsocomedy

You know what song is sad?
Say Something. I think its by Christina Aguilera. Fairly sure haha.. Man I remember listening to her songs in year 6. She was the coolest. Sighhh :'D 
Well anyways. Everytime I hear that song it makes me so uber sad. I think I get affected by songs a tad too much. I guess thats why most of my songs are happy upbeat songs, to keep me positive. Yea. Thats definitely it. Cause I know for sure in the mornings on the bus I always always play the happiest songs. Can't handle the slow sad stuff in the mornings! 
"Love on Top" by Beyonce is oh ma gord, orgasmic. HAHA. Super suuuuper happy fun times. ♪♫ 
I suggest you get on it. For real. I want to share this happiness so badly. Fuuu. Excuse me while I go listen to it now. LOL what do you know, its already selected ready to play on my iTunes list. 
Aiya. But I know that it won't float everyones boat. Maybe I just like it so much cause so many good memories associated with it. That makes such a huge difference to a song and the emotion you feel from listening to it.
When I hear Love on Top, I think back to my brothers wedding where I first heard it. It was just so awesome seeing such a happy couple that have been through so so much together, and at the end of the day still love each other as though it was the first day. My heart was like 'AHHHHH!!!"
I TOTES want that, and definitely will strive for it. I want to have a relationship where I can wholeheartedly put in 100% of my effort and for that to be reciprocated. For both of us to be completely happy. Sure not all the time cause shit goes down and then gg. But even then, be able to talk it through, resolve arguments and make up in a mature way. None of that childish bullshit that you see everyday these days. 
I feel like I used to be very childish in the way I dealt with arguments, and in some cases still am, especially if its arguing with Zhen. Oh ma glob I become the biggest nob let me tell you. HAHA. Trying to work on that. Its not easy, keeping my already loud voice down and trying to sound slightly calm. But its a work-in-progress. Atleast I'm trying right? 
Claps for trying!

:) Have a good day tomorrow everyone! Sunshine ebberywhar.
I just had a read back on what I just wrote and man. Everytime I sit down and think of what to blog about.. I just think 'Screw it, Ill just start typing and see what comes out". THIS is what happens. NO SENSE MADE. 

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