Friday, January 24, 2014


I'm back into the bad habit of taking naps after uni. man, it really kills me the next day. Super tired and exhausted even though the day has only just begun, and when I really need it, all my focus is just non-existent. Gotta refrain from falling asleep on the couch. Must.
The first week or so (almost 2weeks) of uni has been cray cray. Well, chilled but 6hours a day in the lab working on manikins really drills me. Dental pun intended.. GHEYYY. haha. I kind of worried myself cause I was beginning to feel so over it by the time the first week had passed. it made me think- do I not LIKE it? Can I keep doing this everyday for the rest of my life? But I realise its different. Being in clinic is a whole new challenge, a whole different aspect of dentistry. I feel like I absolutely need human interaction in whatever job i undertake, otherwise I bore the crap out of myself.
So yes. Lab for 6 hours a day forever? not so keen on the idea. but i guess whatever it takes to get me ready for clinic.. 

Weekend coming up is as always packed with things to attend. I'm glad to be able to spend some quality time with friends. But definitely will do minimal study over the 3-day weekend. Catch-ups, work, birthdays, badminton, work, Christenings (lol?), staff party, sleepovers, work, birthdays .. I WILL be dead after this weekend. haha.. 

will study after it. All work and no play makes Jun a dull girl right? I think yes.

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