Tuesday, June 11, 2013

^Typical study boredom gummy bear sex.
HELLO extra homolicious noobs.
You can tell exams are coming when Jun starts to blog more often. I dunno. Its a way for me to wind down a night of study. Now I just wish that my keyboard weren't so effed up, and this experience would actually be a stress-relieving, relaxing one. But no. I had to drop breadcrumbs and all kinds of junk inbetween the keys. Annoying, having to type extra hard and extra slow, actually having to proof-read every word. Gheeeyyy.
Living on my own for the past few days has been pretty fun actually. Being able to come home when I want to, eat what I want and when I want to, sing as loud and as late as I want to, stay up and study as much as I need to, and most importantly run around half naked. Just kidding.
But it is kind of lonely.
Aaaaanyways. Also having to find food for myself- dayum, this is the part where I wish my parents were back again. All I can say is- I'm really REALLY good at making instant noodles. And toast. And eggs.

Tonight has been the only meal that I've tried extra hard for. And even then its something a child could make. Ohhh wells. Pasta on the house. #slapondatfilter

If you've never tried avocado and soy sauce, I strongly recommend that you do so! pssht, i heard you ew. Don't EW me, its delicious. DELICIOUS I TELL YOU!
Or maybe I've just become a crazy avocado freak. an avocraydo. LOL ;D heh heh.

Another thing I'm now grateful for my parents is how they wake me up everyday. LOL. jeebus, I can't even begin to describe the hardship involved in waking me up. I don't even hear my alarm. I just literally CAN'T hear it. If I did, atleast I'd TRY to wake up. I asked my friend to give me a wake up call, he had to give me 21 missed calls before I heard my phone ring on the 22nd time. ...22nd time lucky..?
God damn, i don't remember when I started to sleep like such a pig. But it's happened. It can't be reversed. LOL. my future husband better be damn patient!
Study hard everyone, the worst will soon be over.

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