Sunday, June 30, 2013


HOLYJIGGLYPUFF why is my room always messy?! Literally can't keep it clean for more than a week. Messy room makes me sad. Cleaning up is on the to-do-list for after exams finish.

Last exam in a couple days. The 8 day break between my exams have been killer for me. Just sitting here chilling, thinking I know everything- 2 days before exam OH CRAP, everything forgotten. I'll cram tomorrow, I promise. Tonight I relax. Whats the point of stressing?

Ordered my guitar online just yesterday, hoping it comes in soon. I'm so excited I could exploooode! :'D hehehe. he.

Past two-ish weeks have been pretty up and down, studying so much but still going to badminton, still attending events. Deep down I know that I think I'm some kind of superwoman. One day I'll get a fail for one of my exams then shit will go down. But I'll think about that when the time comes.

More updates to come, just wait til after Tuesday. I'll be a freeee bird! Fly all over the place. Like a gangster. #yolo.
LOL YOLO. A new girl came in for a trial run and she told me her name was Yolo. I was like um what? What was that? Your name is Yolo? Are you serious? LOLOL.
And yea, she was serious. That was pretty funny. I could hear my boss in the back just laughing his head off at me. But really, how could you NOT laugh at a name like that!? Shall not be seeing Yolo any time soon though. Cause Yolo did not have much common sense.
She actually used the tongs and handed a takoyaki by the stick to give to a customer without putting it in a paper bag first. Who does that? Noobsauce will be noob.
I'm now the 'Trainer' at work. Means I get the job of teaching new salesgirls how to use the damn cash register, explaining what is in each dish, explaining how to memorize all the prices.. Also the job of telling the boss whether I think they'd be any good at sales. Also means I decide who they hire or not. Ghey. But hey, responsibility? That doesn't come by very much. Hahah. Good job Jun.

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