Monday, July 1, 2013

If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy

It's been so long and I still play this song over and over. One of those songs I know I'll still like even when I'm 30.

Exam tomorrow. What am I up to?
Looking up which gym I'd like to join next. HAHA. My Fernwood membership ran out last week so I thought I should probably join another in the hopes of it making me exercise abit more.
Badminton is not enough, for a hippo with my appetite. I told myself I wouldn't gain weight over exam period, but who was I kidding. Ofcourse I did. Oh, the sadness.
Anywho it'll give me something to do in the holidays when I'm not working.
So I'm tossing between Jetts or AnytimeFitness.. Both close to my house and open 24hrs. 
Leaning towards Jetts cause its just that bit much closer. hahah lazy much?
I miss being one of those fitness freaks. And my waist misses it too. LOL. jeebus. more like I'm missing my waist. hur hur hur.

It's ok. I'll start studying at 3pm. One more hour of procrastination won't kill me :)

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