Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Today was STRESSFUL LET ME TELL YOUUUU. Souljah boy souljah boy.
God damn, I really felt my blood pressure rising and oh so much anxiety. Why? WHY!?
Public service dental patients. Them and their problems.. I don't even know how to react anymore.
"I'm always in pain."
"I don't think I'll ever get better."
"Might not have enough money to cover the next visit."
"Yea, my whole family is on a disability pension."
.. well thats my bad for asking about her life. man. I feel so bad yet- I can't even begin to understand what they are feeling. Its times like these I wish I didn't have emotions.

I felt so pushed for time today, why do they make us see two patients a session? An hour and a half passes by SO quickly. I barely have time to think cause I have to rush through. Made myself look uber crazy. Like one of those chickens that have their head cut off and run around in circles.
Probably need to find a way to have everything organized better. But today was an exception really, cause the second patient that came in was in so much pain I had to do a restoration on the spot. No prep? Sure thing bro. Ready for your injection? I'm not.. But I'll do it anyway. Thank god it worked.
Usually before I have to do any type of restorative work I would know in advance cause I booked the appointment for the patients and would have discussed it with them beforehand.. but on days like these where they decide to be an ass and need an immediate removal of pain, I flip the table. Probably need to work on that. At least the end result looks good.

What else?
Dental ball coming up in about a week..
I have no dress..
What to do? :/
Go shopping AGAIN!? there are only so many times I can shop. Haha.. Everytime I have the time to shop i think- "Go shopping or go home and sleep?" And ofcourse I choose the latter..

Goodnight poops. Have an awesome day tomorrow. And remember- :'D theres always an up-side right? Silver lining, sunshine among the clouds etc etc? LOL.

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