Friday, March 2, 2012

Just to kill time

Herro, long time no post?
Despite the fact no one ever goes on blogspot anymore, I thought back to the reason why I first started blogging, and that was for myself. And so here I am :)
Wish I lived near uni. Then I wouldn't have to find ways to get through those ridonculous 3,4,5 hour breaks. Obviously they didn't put much thought into planning our course's timetable. Usually I'd just walk around the city on my lonesome, or mabes go to the hub to 'study'. The downside? I'm usually bored out of my brains, and by the time the next class/lab/clinic comes around, I'm totes bummed. Either that or I go shopping and spend money on things I didn't plan for. That's gay. But new skirt ftw! Not that I wear skirts. Well, apart from going to parties where other girls pressure you into wearing something remotely nice-looking.

So instead of doing the usual, after my 9-10am lecture this morning I actually bus'd back home, went for a run and lunch. I must be doing something wrong with the running, cause towards the end I felt pain around my ankles and felt like I was going to roll my ankles at any moment. I DIDN'T TRIP OVER THIS TIME :D Hells yeah! haha.. that is an achievement in itself.

Today's complaint/rage topic? Hypocrites. It's frustrating. Why should I do it if you don't do it yourself? But then again, we can't all be as awesome as jun. HAHA I KID. Gotta stop doing that.
So now my stomach just grrr'd at me, LUNCH AWAITS! woopwoop! Then back to uni.
If you're happy and you know it, clap your face

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