Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I've come to the conclusion

that keeping things to yourself is never a good thing. In the end it's all just going to explode out of your brains, all over your bed and onto the floor. AND THEN WE CRY.

I've also learnt tonight that writing things out helps, definitely. But not in the context of having to finally tell the person the all things you wrote, then forgetting all that you wrote. Well done, Juniper. Juniper is a type of plant/flower by the way, i found thaaat out just today. And I also was a poet but I didn't know it. HAHA. In a good mood tonight? Pretty sure far from it. Anywho, I'd always thought Simon just made the name up, conjured it from his smart asian head.

Thinking back, I understand how it is to continue liking an ex, even after periods of not-liking them. They disappear to god-knows where for a certain amount of time and your sadness becomes not so sad after awhile and you start to pursue another interest.
Why do Ex's have to come back and ruin things?
Bringing back the buried emotions, the unsaid feelings and the what ifs.
Don't want to sound like I'm blaming them- although it does sound like I am. Contradicting myself again, heeere we go.
I have to say though. They're your ex for a reason. Sure there's always the odd couple where things were gone about wrongly and they want to patch things up, try again etc etc.. But you need to think about the reason why it went wrong.
All I'm saying- why go back if they'd intentionally hurt you? Being completely honest, they obviously didn't truely care for you if they had the capacity to do the things they did.
Sigh. Why go back when there are people around you that really do care.

I'm one to talk, had to learn this the hard way. AAANYWHO.
I'm sure its more complicated than that, so I will LEAVE YOU TO IT, jellyfishes.

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