Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Taiwan, baby!

So I'm still in Taiwan, the tour has been pretty hectic. We stay at a different hotel every single night D: It's been an awesome experience, spent alot of time in both the city and the countryside, seen many things. Most beautiful? The mountains that run along the country.. Gah, can't see these kind of things in Adelaide.. Only got small hills. Like a molehill. LOL But it kind of feels like we spend more time travelling in the tour bus and trains than actually doing stuff. But I guess thats what comes with the touring experience.
I only have a few minutes to update my blog before my eyes close so I'll GET TO IT. Few pictures? I think so.
Got some interesting things to blog about, but right now i so ceeeebs. DUDE my feet feel all wrinkly cause my socks were wet cause the rain got into my shoes :( sadness. HAHA interesting right!?

Hope everyones having a suuuper holiday, shall blog/picture up more interesting things some other time. Goodnight, sleeptight!

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