Sunday, December 18, 2011

I do

In Ipoh now, Penang tomorrow, and let me just say that it's frikken HOT!! HOTTER THAN CHILLI PEPPER. HOTTER THAN THE SUUUNNNNNN. It's not like Aussie hot, where the heat comes from the brightness of the sun, its like.. Humid. Humid to the max, where its cloudy as shiz and even with no sun, just walking outside and standing there makes you sweat. I guess the peeps here are used to it.

Had a wedding to attend today, was pretty busy/tiring/uncomfortably hot/a little bit boring to be honest. Since my cousins here are very strong Christians, they had massively long sermons that droned on and on.. But it was nice after all the boring stuff :)

I need to go to the toilet now. More random photos of holiday for the lols.

Ahh.. I wish I were more photogenic.
Couple more weeks. Wondering what you peeps are up to ;)

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