Thursday, June 16, 2011

haven't seen your smile in a while

So i have this friend-
she's into this guy..
i think she's fallen hard for him. HARD LIKE MY ABS. HAHAH-_- ch, sorry.

...but he's obviously just playing around.

what do I do? All the stories shes told me about him, everything he says to her, all his actions- its pretty clear that he's not serious about her. But i don't think she's realised, all she wants to do is be with him. Mabes she's love-blind. Love-struck? Whatever floats your boat! But at the moment she's risking so much, sneaking around with him.
What do i say? Am I supposed to tell her what I really think?
But say you were in her shoes, and thought you were crazy in love with this other person.. If your friend told you to stay away from them, what would you say?
I admit, i'd probably listen to what you had to say, but then give you a 'wtf' face.
But if I don't say something.. she might get hurt. Then again I may be interfering..? I don't know, too many decisions. LOL. women are so indecisive, I agree.


  1. If she really, really likes this guy then it's obvious she's not gonna listen to other people's negative opinions, JUN! Warn her all you want, maybe even provide evidence that he's playing with her, e.g. him kissing some other bloke or having cuddles with randoms. She'll probably end up hating how you destroyed her love for him.. Dunno, get her to see the light, baby! Or you can use the other approach of letting her be, and unfortunately she'll get hurt and cry her eyeballs out, but be sure you'll be there for her when she does<3 Hope she learns fast that playas are heads! Either way, she'll get over him as quick as you eating yummy baby corn, I joke, it'll take months ;( Booo! Unrequited love sucks.

  2. mmm thats what i thought, which is why I haven't said anything to her :\ i suppose i'll just let her make her own mistakes and learn from them. LOL hey man, if you made negative comments about a certain person, i'd totes listen to you ♥ and yes, it does suck.