Friday, June 17, 2011

mr. lonely

yup that should be my name. Mr Jun Lonely. HAHA gosh, what an awkward name.
So i thought.. about writing a post.. cause i'm that lonely. It is now almost 4am, as you can see by the now correct timestamp :) Still proud of finding that setting, yes I am.
Up learning about the endocrine system, next are the salivary glands and then some radiation physics! Lovely, lovely. Excites me to my toes, which might i add are almost frozen off. Like little frozen carrots.
There are only three things keeping me from pulling out (thats what she said) and going to sleep. HAHA. wait a minute.. that doesn't work. my bad!
1. I don't want to fail, and I know that if i DON'T study i will. defs. for shizzle my nizzle. haha..
2. Holidays are JUST AROUND THE CORNER. like that deli around the corner of your house. Like the cow on the corner of your street. Like the chicken in the corner of your room.
3. crackers, lollies, coffee and cans of baby corn are keeping me up, and for that I am truly thankful.

BUT double you tee eff, I went to woolworths to buy some canned baby corn right, and DIU man, it tastes so crap. Don't ever buy baby corn from woolworths if you want to eat it straight from the can :\ stupid woolies. they are very wooly. HAHA.
Ofcourse- i'm on a break, hence the sexy jelly pictures.

I made the hamburger by the way. The bread rolls are meant to be oranges, and the cheese, tomato and lettuce are made out of dead jelly babies O: my kind of burger ;) hehe.
What a lucky red baby.

So now I'm just wondering how I should plan my Friday..
OH YEH, LOL the funniest thing happened today, I realised that my exam is on next Friday, not Thursday. :DDDD extra day- woop woop woop! Crazy post today, since i ate too many lollies and had too much coffee. OH, i got hazelnut coffee. mmm tastes like abit of hansel, abit of gretel. LOLWHAT?

sigh. back to studying. k-k-k-k-k-kiss you goodbye ;) teehee.

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