Saturday, June 4, 2011

awesome foursome

yes, that was the name of our ILA group, group4 :) Guess who came up with the name? LOL original, i know.
Why does it look so awkward? LOL
So the end of semester is almost here, and we had our last clinic session as a group forever, cause next sem will be different. :( so sad, so sad. I swear we were the best group, just saying ;)
Towards the end we all got really close.. this stuff always happens. Just as you're getting to be biffles with each other, something happens to split you up. But whatevs, thats how we get to make new friends I guess..

Funny how many D&Ms and gossip girl sessions you can have while doing an oral examination on each other. LOL not that you're supposed to be so unprofessional..

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