Tuesday, May 31, 2011

its the way you said it

Tonight I was thinking about.. you know, life. Life. sounds like knife. LOL sounds like a fob trying to SAY knife! HAHA.. just can't help myself, I crack myself up!! :D

When you get into a fight standing up for something important to you.. is it worth it? I thought about it. I was just telling a friend how I regret that fight with my parents months ago. How I wish it never happened and how it wasn't even worth it. I mean what did it accomplish? All I did was cause my parents to lose trust in me, make them more protective, more worried. For what?
I didn't gain at all. Why risk so much..

But then I was told to look at it from another point of view..
It wasn't wasted. I stood up for something that was important to me. Alot of people don't stand up for themselves, I kind of still can't believe i had the guts to talk back to my dad :\ seeing that fire in his eyeballs. AH!! LOL.
I guess by standing up for that important thing at that moment in your life, it just goes to show how confident you are about who you are, and what you want. Some people let life just pass them by and give in to everyone cause it's just the easier option.
But over time.. just who are you living for? Why arn't you happy.
I'm not saying you should just go and pick fights with people for every single thing you disagree to. There needs to be alot of give and take? I'm just saying.. don't let people walk over the things/people that are important to you. You wouldn't keep your mouth shut if I called your girlfriend a bitch, would you? .. and if you just disagreed with me on that note.. either you don't actually care about her, or you're just a fail in life. Either way you don't even deserve to be in a relationship.
I don't know if you really understand what I'm trying to say but. :\ i tried. LOL
Also.. if you're just sitting there waiting for your life to turn around.. for your life to get 'better'. How the CHICKEN is it going to get better if you're not making the effort to change it

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