Tuesday, May 17, 2011


HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH. Funny funny, made my day :D
Anywho, you know something that really confuzzles me!? Those pretty girls that have no self esteem. Really I'm talking about those girls that look close to perfect, even with no makeup on. Just look beautiful without even trying, and furthermore have a beautiful heart. I'm not saying that they're perfect, cause no one is- but you know the girl.
Just cause of a boy. And now all they can think about is 'why did he break up with me?'
And then she wonders if it was because she wasn't pretty enough, not smart enough, not funny enough, not interesting enough. So she starts doubting herself, and pretty soon she starts to look down on herself.
WHY do you do this? I mean yeh, I don't know the full story, i'm not living your life. But how can you be so hung up, over a dude. Yes, you should let it all out, bitch about him for a couple weeks, cry your heart out- it feels good. But really, after months, and YEARS, how can you be crying still? :\ Its not worth it. Even if this dude was some sexy k-pop star, (gikwang :D) you could do so much better.

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