Thursday, May 12, 2011

yes, sir.

No one seems to be blogging anymore D: Mabes everyone is just too busy with their eventful lives, which reminds me I have to think up a new hobbie. Lol. Hobbie bobbie.
Been busy with study lately, it feels like i've spent a fair amount of time hitting the books, but I'm actually retaining shit all of that info. Feel like a noob to the max. Time to put my thinking cap on and think harder. Haha.. Learning about the heart at the moment. So funny how such strong feelings just come from chemical release. I mean.. what I'm feeling right now.. is cause of some gay chemical? I don't know, it's just a weird thought!

Ever felt ... nevermind. LOL lots on my mind, but I cbf explaining at this time of the night. Quite a wet, cloudy day. Tomorrow is going to be raining and 16. LOL I remember a time when I loved the rain..Its just that this morning it was so damn hard to wake up at 7, and when I woke up I didn't want to get out of bed.. damn this awesome electric blanket. -_- haha I feel like a cheese toastie right now :D
Anyway, morning showers are the worst. I mean, its all good when you're in the shower feeling all nice.. but then you don't want to get out, when you finally get out you freeze, then by the time you get dressed you've missed the bus, waited half an hour in the rain, come into class half an hour late, being told off for not upholding 'professionalism' and then sit there feeling soggy for the rest of the morning. Haha.. story of my life, people. Eggsciting. Which reminds me, i broke my egg-pen for real today. Talk about a less-than-average day :\
The morning stuff was nothing, MY EGG-PEN IS DEAD D: LOL I should go to sleep.

P.s happy 2 months ~(*-*)~ Je-le-fish. get it? yeh you do. Hahahahha...-_-

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