Sunday, May 29, 2011

No, it's not okay.

Putting down how I feel on this blog has become pretty stupid, so I made another blog :) Too bad it's a secret blog, and none shall pass.
Yus, i've become one of those.

So..What do pirates use to blow their nose?
.. Anchorchiefs! HAHAHAHAH
Got that one off Tengwei's little sister, who by the way turned 13 recently :) yay for her teen years to come. Makes me want to be a kid again.. spending hours infront of the teevee watching Arthur, Babaar and Rugratz, doing times tables for homework, reading Harry Potter before bed, and not liking boys. That was the life wasn't it.

Totally unrelated, but why not? :D

Today was alright, I think I've just accepted that I suck at singles. Well, I won my singles games but they were games that wern't worth celebrating if you know what I mean. And so tomorrow I will die. But positive thinking, right? You believe in me.. right? LOL. no you don't but that is ok.-_-
Doubles with Verdet is a breeze, since she's so awesome sauce.
Mixed doubles start tomorrow, so yeh. You people should be subconsciously wishing us luck all day tomorrow, ya know? But it should be alright, cause Ian's going to play very awesome tomorrow, arn't you IAN WONG!? Yeh, thats what I thought.

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