Thursday, May 26, 2011

its a write off

accidents happen. and i should be glad it happened this way, where no one was hurt.
Fudge man.. i was on my way home from work, just thinking about things.. let my mind drift away and the next thing I know there is a huge bang and the air bags exploded in my face. So angry at myself. don't even know what to say. fugging asian girl drivers right..
so the owner of the parked getz was pretty upset. yes it was parked. (WHO CRASHES INTO A PARKED CAR!!?!?!) ..didn't say anything to me, just kept oh my goshing. But her neighbours were so kind to me.. just hugged me while i cried.

No i didn't whip out my camera to take photos for my blog. But zhen thought it was cool, he's looking forward to a new car-_-

...i know it sounds cliche, but after things like this happen it really gets you thinking about shit. Everything. like seriously everything :\ questions pop up, the thought that troubled me the most was what would happen if that were a person I hit.. instead of a car. what about if I had passengers in the car with me? how would I ever be able to live with myself knowing that I killed someone? or what about.. if I had died? if the airbags didn't come out? ifjawliegawiegu just scares me. I never thought that I was scared of dying, my dad would always tell me you know, life is going to end, its inevitable. But I don't want to die :(
worst experience ever. but at the same time.. maybe I might appreciate the things I have, before they're gone.

Hmm.. so I'm alright, but still shocked? The first thing that ran through my head after I crashed was 'this isn't happening.' then as the fire engine and the ambulance came, all I wanted to do was to go home. I just..can't believe I could be this careless. Anywho lets not bring this up again LOL if you see me, just pretend this never happened.
So I don't know if you still read my blog or not.. but I wish you were here to hug me..


  1. Just be thankful that nobody was hurt.

  2. Aiyo! I hope your okay my darling :'(