Wednesday, May 25, 2011

on rainy days

I remember I used to have a proper diary all through highschool, and just wrote about everything. Like every aspect and how I was feeling. When I felt sad, I'd be all like '.......', when I cried I made the page wrinkle. When I got angry I scribbled so hard that pages would rip. Yes, I'm that aggressive. LOL
And if I were extremely happy, I'd draw all over the page and add in smiley faces every sentence. Haha I was just thinking, I'm obviously too emotional for you. ..unfortunately, what with final yr12 exams and other things, I stopped writing.
I miss having something to turn to no matter how I'm feeling.

Its getting harder to find people/places to properly vent and share true feelings with. Not that I don't talk to my friends about these kinds of things.. but there's always limit to how much you can say. I can't say how I reeaaaally feel. Having a blog, yeerh it does help to some extent but. There are certain things I can't talk about here. Really don't want to bother you people with noob stories of my life, my 'feelings' and you know, when and where I am feeling happy/sad/angry. Plus, there is the personal stuff that you shouldn't tell just anyone. Who knows what kind of people are reading this? YOU RIGHT THERE, don't judge me. hahah :)

SO thats what I was just thinking about..

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