Sunday, May 1, 2011


Touch it and make it jiggle like a fat lecturer. TOUCH IT!!

I always called those things 'Macaroons'. But apparently they're called 'Macarons'. I got laughed at D: LOL its ok, they were probly laughing WITH me, not AT me, right? Haha thats what I'd like to think.

So we celebrated Zhen's 19th birthday 4 days early, since the old Zhen is leaving for Geelong again tomorrow for uni. Old Zhen and his fiance made green-tea macarons. Arn't they just the cutest!? So green. like a turtle. Awkward turtle.
And the cake and mango jelly pudding are from BreadTop :) So sweet. Mabes a little TOO sweet.

To Zhen: You're the only one that can piss me off so badly, just by the annoying little things that you do. But yeh I guess you're still awesome, I couldn't live without you. HOLYCRAPPERS those sentances rhymed :DD Happy very-early 19th birthday Qiu, :)

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