Saturday, May 7, 2011

You're still..a mystery to me.

Its late, and I don't feel like sleeping at all. Want to write stuff but I can't think of anything.. Needless to say this will be a pretty meh blog, so you can stop reading right here.

But If you're still here I might as well make it worth your while and think of something to talk about, apart from how stressful uni is getting for me, how work is stacking up meaning that its off to the library for me tomorrow on a Saturday, how I can't seem to find a balance between spending time with the dent kids, bestfriends, family, boyfriend, as well as studying and badminton. Well don't we all want to hear about me boohoo'ing all night.. HAHA YEH YOU DO ;) But no, tis not what I'll be talking about..
Let's talk about how stupid I feel, writing on a perfectly good white shirt in permanent texta "Please stop reading my shirt". Yes, yes. I did it just for you guys' entertainment. YOU ENTERTAINED!? Haha good. Let's hope so. The things I would do for you-_-

Today in clinic there was one part where I had to be the patient, and give my medical, dental and social history. My partner, -the awesome vietnamese kimchi-tryhard friend- while waiting for the tutor to sign off consent, was telling me about how he was up last night reading 'The Game'. You all know what that is don't you? It's like a book that apparently 'teaches' you how to pick up. LOL in my opinion, you either have it or you don't. No ones going to fall for these stupid tricks, well.. maybe drunk chicks at the club, if you're into that stuff. But who wants to be in a relationship with someone that has to follow a stupid book to get you keen on him? Haha but whatevs, I guess his aim WAS just to have one night stands and hookups afterall.

Why is it called hookup? Why not hookDOWN!? LOLOLOLOLOL.


  1. Everyone's gonna be staring at your boobs -.=.. PERVERT

  2. ..if i had boobs. if only.