Friday, May 6, 2011

cause when a heart breaks no it don't break even.

Such truth in just that simple line. I've never even thought about it like that before. LOL EPIPHANY REACHED! Haha. Does that even make sense.. well it does now.
Realising my new found love for The Script, just can't stop listening to their songs. Lyrics are so special.

So I collected more extracted teeth, but this time not so lucky I rekon.. Although I got alot more, they all have some form of decay, or restoration. Most of them arn't even the whole tooth, all cracked up.. like an egg. Eggcellent :D HAHA but no, really not excellent.

I asked one of my dent friends how many they've collected, "Oh, about 500."
....they've actually got 500. I thought I heard it wrong, but he was for cereal :O What is he, the tooth fairy or something? How do you get 500 teeth!? Bet he stole them. LOL j-k.

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