Friday, May 20, 2011

Doll face

Been thinking about plastic surgery. NOT THAT I WANT TO GET IT, but I know of a couple close ones that do. And the other day I was just casually talking to my friend, he was telling me how people want him to cut his hair short, but he doesn't want to. So I was all like 'Don't cut it then, whats the point if its just going to make you unhappy?'
And he told me that people pressuring him makes him want to change himself, and thats why he got his nose job.
WAIT. what did he say? nose job? Yes, he said nose job.
In addition to that, he told me his dad hates him wearing glasses, and is forcing him to do laser eye surgery. What the shiz man. Why in the world would you do something so... cereal, just to please other people? I mean, the boy doesn't even WANT to change. It really got to me, how much someone would be willing to do just to be.. accepted?
But then again I guess it really is up to you.

I wonder..People that have plastic surgery, when others ask you whether you've had it or not, what do you say?
If you say that you did infact have that nose job, wouldn't people just judge you and think that you're fake? Even if it was just the nose, they'd wonder if everything else was fake too, and question how much of you is 'real'.
But if you went the other way and just lied about'd have to continue lying, and people arn't stupid. There are ways to tell whether someone has had plastic surgery. So you'd just be seen as -that plastic chick who lies about it. Either way there are consequences right? I guess thats just the price you pay in this society. could you BE anymore judgemental?

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