Saturday, May 21, 2011

parties like these

bring out the artieest in me.
Zhen and Peter going to a costume party tonight, dressing as something beginning with the letter 'M'. LOL if it were me, i'd totes go as a giant marshmallow :D

As you can see, I did Peter's awesome makeup. LOL did I say make up? yes he did wear lipstick and eyeliner ;) But ofcourse, what happens in my house stays in my house. And on this blog. bahaha. Suck to be him, I just forbid him to touch his face for a whole night, now he'll know what it feels like to be a cakeface xD

So.. it's a saturday night, got the car, Zhen and Peter just left, no one's at home.. a range of possibilities. Yet I'm still here just blogging away. Guess I could put some music on and dance around the house, just like the old days :D


  1. Oh! looks like fun!! Yes dance~ dance like theres no tmr hahahhaa ;D

  2. That guy with the cake face is hot.... get me his number ;)