Friday, April 29, 2011

When you make that face

I just want to fist-bump your head! Yeh. Thats right.

Sigh.. I've noticed that my blogs have been.. pretty emo lately. Always complaining about crap that is probably really unimportant to you guys out there. But I can't help it. Sometimes shit happens, one problem after the other. So yeh, the happy parts will come soon enough.. I've noticed that my other friends who blog have also started going all emo on me D: That is not a good sign :\ But again, I'm sure they'll have some happy things to blog about in the future :D Lifes not all about fun-ness.
So my friends and my brother have been giving advice to me about what to do with these so-called problems that I have, and really I don't know what to do. I mean do I follow them or..?
Speaking of advice, don't you hate when people ask you for advice, and then don't even take them into consideration? Its like, why ask if you've already made up your mind?
Anywho, all this advice is making my head explode. So many what ifs.

Going to play for A-grade this season, Weoeooeooe! Yes, I am kind of excited for it. However I'm starting to think that I'm playing too much badminton. Too chilled. Should study more. Lol I say that ALLLL the time and never do anything about it. Mabes I should cut down abit.. cause if I don't, that means I'll be playing 4times a week. That can't be healthy for an aspiring dentist :\ On this note, I've been thinking, is this something that I really want to do? Like last night I was asked if I was enjoying the course so far.. and to that I replied "...meh'. Oh gosh, I'm becoming one of those.-_- But yeh, I said that. I guess its only been a term since I started the course, so I don't know la! But whatevs, we'll see.

For A-grade, I'm going to have to play singles.. Damn it. This body was not made for singles. LOL Just saying. Not that I'm asthmatic, but I'm bringing my puffer along to my games so that people will be like " aw, shes asthmatic, I'll go easy on her." ;) yeh man. Thats what I call deception.
Oh well.. I guess it'll train me up for u19s, so I don't fail too bad at nationals! More practice! And you know what they say about practice. Practice. Makes perfect. So I'll be perfect.

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