Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Honeymoon period.

You know what that is.. its where two people, girl and guy or whatever floats your boat have just gotten together, and for a period of time everything is awesome. Just all flirty and cute and whatnot, where each 'give in' to each other, and all the annoying habits get overlooked. We all know that this is only temporary, its not going to last for long. After a while, contact is less, texts get shorter, emoticons and smiley faces start to disappear. Yeh its expected, and however much we don't want it to, it's going to happen one day. You can't expect a relationship to be all cute and romantic, one that lasts a lifetime. Cause thats just unrealistic. LOL i'm starting to sound like my dad.
I remember talking to my dad once, i was asking him about the kind of things he used to do for my mum when they were dating. Yeh awkward jellyfish to the max, but I really wanted to know! For someone that does things so... practical all the time, I wondered what he was like in love. Haha.. yeh man ;)
But he told me that, he didn't really do anything for my mum. He never called her, never wrote letters (cause back in the day you couldn't just send them a text) lol. I was thinking, what a crappy relationship you guys must have had! But then he told me something that got me thinking.. He told me that, in a relationship, if you really wanted it to last forever, you have to be yourself right from the start. Over time you always hear stories about people breaking up, getting divorced. Over what? Because one or the other has 'changed'. Now has your other half really changed? Or is it because he/she has only just started being themselves? If you act all nice and gentleman/ladylike in the relationship, sure, you might be able to keep this up for months.. maybe years. But what about when you get married? Move in together? Have children? What happens then? The stresses in life are going to get to you, and make your true colours show. Now I know there are probably a couple people out of a million that no matter what happens they'll keep smiling. But really how likely is that.
So i guess what i'm trying to say is that.. I don't know what I'm trying to say :) Just what I've been thinking about.
Speaking of change, I think I'm starting to. Slowly. I don't want to change :\ Just want to stay my lame, awesome self. LOL yeh i am awesome. awesome foursome :D
Anyway I have to get studying. This is so gay.

Ps. To who it may concern.. Missing you.

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  1. I miss you, Jun ♥ Really, really do! When I read this, I just want to be next to you like the good ol' times for you to confide in me. :) I hope things will get better for you and everyone else around you that matters.. b(>_+) cha-ching!*