Wednesday, April 6, 2011

L is for the way you look at me.

How is L the way you look at me? I don't get it. HAHA Is L sposed to stand for Love? or Look? Or lust...or Lizard. Lizard is for the way you look at me. LOL am I making any sense right now? You know what I mean..
Tried to have an early night for my 8am tomorrow, Oh wait, my 9am. But I'm going in early to do some tute work. I'm actually proud of myself for making more of an effort! I think that my good habits are slowly coming back.
There was a time in mabes year 11 that I started to be super organised, I had schedules planned with times and everything! And I actually stuck to those times! If I wrote down 4pm-6:30pm: Study for Chem test, I would actually study for my chem test for exactly two and a half hours.
Then as year 12 progressed it was like, I DID make a schedule, but what use is a schedule if you're not going to stick to it? Haha.. So trying to be more organised, and more hardworking. Cause I see all these people around me studying hard, making an effort and actually striving to do well.. That kind of attitude motivates me, ya know? :)
Anyway the early night isn't happening, I just can't get to sleep. Hence the reason why I'm on blogging, cause what else is there to do? I find blogging a way to relax. Its fun. YOU should make one if you haven't already! You don't even really need a topic to write about. Just write about Aaaanything you like. People still read it.
Look, you're still reading mine arn't you? Even though I'm warbling on about aaaaaaaabsoloutely nothing. That's right. :) haha, then again it's most probably because you yourself are bored out of your shorts.
I should wake up earlier tomorrow morning. And eat more. Yesterday in my lecture I was so hungry, I started drawing pictures of food on my paper. YES I WAS HUNGRY. Haha.. I drew a jellyfish, then a burger, then a cake.

A vegetarian burger ofcourse. Which makes me wonder. Does it annoy people that I'm vegetarian? Do people think vegetarians are just picky? I think I'm one of the most non-picky eaters. When I was a tod, my dad used to force me to eat stuff like eggplant, raisin toast, mushroom, dates, yam.. all the stuff that made me gag. So now I'm okay with everything. I eat the sandwiches my dad makes for me every day. I remember there were times where my dad put vegemite, beancurd, beansprouts and those raw mushrooms into a sandwich for my lunch. These sandwiches would have been meh, but it was ALSO soggy from being inside a bag all morning. Like, really now? And I still ate it. I still ate the vegemite, cucumber and pancake sandwich he gave me today. So I'm not a picky eater. Really I'm not-_-
If i take a while to decide what to eat in the food court, its because I'm contemplating and weighing up what I should buy that will not only fill me up, but also be the most value for money and cheap-ster. LOL yes, yes i'm just fantabulous.

Okay so I should go back to bed. Someone remind me to clean my room. Its so dirty. Scary dirty.

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