Wednesday, June 8, 2011

peanut butter pancake

with a title like this, you'd expect me to talk about peanut butter pancakes... well I'm not. LOL dis-a-pointed.

So my oldest brother Zhen Ti has taken up this project, and everyday for 365days, he'll take a picture of something that he is thankful for. I love looking at the photos he takes- i know its something that he spends alot of time on, and puts alot of effort into. Its good that he has something to do over there, something that he really enjoys. Can't imagine how it'd be like, living so far away from all your friends, family and fiance. Don't know how he does it, I just admire him SO much. Yes, thats him in the nerdy glasses. HAHA let me assure you he's looking much more handsome now. Not that you needed to know, since he's taken. Too bad, world.
ANYWHO enough of all this obsessive talk about how much I look up to him. LOL
Go check his blog out! He's only on day4 of the 365, you should totes follow him on his quest :D At least go look! GO NOW.
You might just learn to be thankful for a thing or two :)

I'm thankful for so much, although I know I take way too many things for granted.. and I'm sure that there are many things that we all take for granted, especially people, those closest to us. We're just so used to having them around.. but what happens when they walk out of your life? By then it'll be too late. 'people come and go'. Its just like people thinking that fate controls everything. I'm pretty sure that if you take your hand and put it on your bum, fate did not just do that-_- you did. LOL get what I mean? Power to you!
But I guess that statement is true, all the more reason why you should make good of the time you have with them now. Smile, you pancake face.

One thing I am thankful for and wouldn't let walk out of my life, having that friend that I can talk to about anything. I don't have to hold back, even if it makes things alittle awkward. What is awkward? It just blows over in a couple seconds, then we start laughing about something else. I'm not afraid that you'll judge me, cause we've been through so much, you know me too well! We talk to each other about our relationships, and support each other.
I don't have to be worried that you'll misunderstand.
You're the friend that when I'm feeling the low cause of uni, family or some poo-face, you make some stupid joke. Then start to sweat from your hands like crazy. Just like me.
As tomato-cheesy as it sounds, we're most probably going to be friends for an epicly LONG time. Get used to it! :)

..So what are you thankful for?

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