Thursday, June 9, 2011

I moustache you a question.


Amazing how I can still find time to waste, probs shouldn't be on this late :\ But you know the drill, I get into bed, can't get to sleep and then get up to blog. Tomorrow I've got my PIA exam, and although it doesn't count for much..I may need some luck so, thankyou! ♥

Apparently now I'm too happy around the dent kids.. Haha. This dude, being someone who doesn't really seem like a social-type jellyfish, I thought he'd benefit from some company every now and then. So being the nice girl I am, I go up to him most days, starting off with a loud ' HI MARK!!!!' and then some superficial conversation.
Just want him to feel included, ya know? :) But yeh today when I did my usual greeting, he's just like " how can you be so happy and bubbly all the time, it's disgusting!"
..SHOT DOWN like a mother beeper! LOL I couldn't help but laugh at the situation. Just made myself look that much more weirder.
But really, how can being happy be a disgusting thing?
Then again, its not like I'm happy aaaaalll the time.. I'm sure you people have seen me sad/worried/angry at one point.. at many points! LOL.

I guess I can be quite the little actress among certain people.

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