Sunday, June 12, 2011

kids say that i look like Kirby.

Played in the Country/city Challenge today, and we were legend.. wait for it...
..yeh.. LOL jokes la, we were preeeetty awesome sauce :)
So our team 'Zhe-slash' had myself, Zhe, Lisa and Ben. Came in fourth, not bad not bad! And yes, there were more than four teams :P If you were wondering. There were like 12 teams? I'm not sure. But lost to Nigel, Ray, Angela and Gerrelyn so didn't make the 1st box. Booo.
I guess today's tournament kind of makes up for me missing City of Adelaide.. oh how I was looking forward to that :\ but atleast I got to play some kind of tournament, not COMPLETELY missing out.

On Friday I went in for a meeting with my clinic tutor, to discuss my grading for this semester regarding clinic performance and stuff..
So we need a satisfactory to pass the course. And I got that :) yay. It was however not a good or excellent, so I'm kind of disappointed.. but relieved I guess. She told me that my performance from the last clinic let me down== I was late 10 minutes, and she told me off, saying it was unprofessional of me and extremely unacceptable. Oh my lord, chill lady, it was only one time :\
But I guess, if you were a patient you wouldn't go to a dentist that comes in 10 minutes late to your appointment! Lesson learnt..
And also since I was late I didn't tie my hair up properly, I mean it was tied up but its getting so long that it drapes over my shoulder. Apparently thats a breach of infection control. Gosh.. so picky, ricky. That session while I was examining my 'patient', while explaining what I was doing to my tutor I messed up the terminology, getting names of structures muddled up.. Gayness to the max, yo! Totes should study harder..
So because of all these little things.. I mean it wasn't as if I did the actual perio wrong, it was just because of these little.. stupid mistakes >:\ so noob, Jun! Next time I'll be the most awesome sauce student dentist in the world! muahha. I wish, jelly-fish. Eurgh. exams coming. Yes, the time has come where I constantly bitch about how much work i haven't done. HOWEVER tonight I won't, cause i studied *proud face*. but defs have to hardcore it up.. starting... tomorrow. Ah, all this talk about dentistry. Yes I'm trying to bore you to death.

In other news, Happy three months ♥ -when are you taking me out, boy!? :)
and that brings up the question, are monthly 'anniversaries' like a big thing? I guess its different for different couples. I remember when I were.. younger- i wouldn't say immature, cause i still am- when i was in a relationship, we'd do things for each month we were together, get each other presents, write each other letters. But now that I'm a little older, i think back and wonder why we went to all the trouble. i mean, how did we even find time/creativity to think of things to do every single month? LOL I hardly have time/ideas to shop for birthday presents for my best friends :\ for that I am truly sorry girls. I'll make it up one day. But.. i guess, spending so much time and effort each month, it was very cute at least! ah, young kids. Wonder what other couples do for their monthly anniversaries..
LOL its not even anniversary, since that means one year. Monthaversary? HAHA double you tee eff. Google it i shall.

Mensiversary. ew, what an ugly duckling word.. I should make up a new word for it. Juniversary. I like that.

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