Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my baby

Yes, thats my baby.

I wonder if you can get food poisoning from eating too much baby corn from the can?
I've been eating many..many cans of baby corn. LOL sounds weird, I know. Must be a phase. Like you know, that time in your life where you wondered if you were gay, that period where you thought the world revolved around this one person, the time where you spent all that time and money on painting warhammer figurines. Yes, my brother was one of those. hahah..
Back to the corn, I think its just because there were heaps of cans in the cupboard, no preparation required and it tastes sooooo gooot! If you think about it, it's also cheap, and it says no fat! Call me awkward but I'm in love with baby corn :) Just thought you people had to know. cause I'm just that interesting.

Have a good day! :) Mabes you should make someone smile with a joke. You never know, they might be needing a few laughs. Especially since its swotvac.

(Ps. I found out how to change the timestamp on my blog posts to Adelaide time! Yeee. Genius? I think so ;))

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