Thursday, June 8, 2017

Work work work work work

Super busy weekend coming up, long weekend celebrating the Queen's birthday. Still doesn't make sense to me why the Queen has different birthdays in different states.. But thats neither here nor there. haha
Birthday parties and gatherings happening all over the long weekend.. Hope I'll have enough time for my parents D:

So I have this dental assistant that works with me, she's been with us for almost half a year now.
I don't know what it is with young aussies (excuse the generalization), but seriously most of them really don't know what good work ethic is. I have definitely cut her enough slack, but still am finding myself getting annoyed over things that she does/doesn't do.
Even when I pull her aside to have a chat to her and she says "Yes, ok, sure thing, will do", the moment we head back into surgery she just returns straight back into doing the wrong thing, as if I had never had the conversation with her.
I mean, its not just that, but the last time I had a chat with her pointing out where she could improve and things that need to be done better, the next day she had a 'migraine', and didn't come to work.
Yesterday an instrument ended up in the bin that she accidentally threw away (approx $100 to buy), she said she couldn't find it and said she looked through the bins- I went into the bin myself and started searching, what do you know.. I find it in the bin. I called her out and said it is her responsibility to check whats on the trays before she throws them away, and to be abit more careful.. after all, dental shit is not cheap.
Today- you guessed it. Suddenly 'sick'. To add to that, she's got tomorrow off for some reason and then Monday is a public holiday. So she has essentially just weaseled her way into a 5 day holiday.

Why do the younger generation think its ok to be like this? One small criticism and suddenly you can't come into work. Laziness? Embarrassment? Either way, when we are short staffed it makes it twice as hard to get patients in and out on time. And time is money.
Its not as if I am super critical and constantly tell her off and nag, honestly its at that point where I have given up trying to correct her and end up doing things myself, getting instruments out of the cupboard myself because she STILL doesn't know what I'm asking her for..
All getting abit ridiculous. I've talked to the practice manager and discussed her performance but I think because we don't want to train up a new person, we're keeping her on two days a week now.
Two days is still too much lol. My stress levels off the roof when she's assisting me lol.
Sigh. At least its not full time anymore. Excuse my rant, sorry guys. Just feel like its hard to work with someone that don't listen to you, has poor work ethic, is totally irresponsible and doesn't put their brain into the job. Even more so she tried to blame me for the instrument in the bin. As if its my responsibility to clean out the trays. Sorry mate, but thats what we're paying YOU for.
I mean, make a mistake- sure, mistakes happen, people slip up. But if you slip up you better bloody own up to your own mistakes. Otherwise what? More instruments get thrown out in the bin, more money down the drain.
After that incident I was made aware that its not the first time things have been thrown out that shouldn't have. Apparently we've lost quite a few of them. Things don't simply disappear into thin air. Take responsibility for goodness sake!
I feel like because its not THEIR clinic, THEIR company, THEIR own money, they couldn't give a rat's ass.
Definitely not a mindset I am overly fond of, yet one that I realise many young people have these days.

Anywho, enough of me ranting. I think I've said enough. I do still really enjoy work but its just the one girl that was on my imaginary fence for a while but just recently pushed herself over the line for me. Hopefully she can get her shit together, otherwise I think I'm going to have to be more outspoken about it.

On a more happy note, can't wait to drive home for the weekend! :)

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