Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Short week is short

As expected the weekend just past was completely crazy.
But I can't blame anyone but myself for the consistent hangovers. No one forced me to drink that extra beer, take the extra shot. Hahah.. I guess really I haven't grown up yet. But I'm ok with that :)

Friday night we had a games night with my cousins Emily and Gavin, and ofcourse their other halves. As always we had alot of fun, everyone in that group can drink a decent amount so I bought a slab and we went all in. Haha.. Its great to have such a close bond with family.

The next day we cured our hangovers with South Saigon Pho :D Legit probably my fav cuisine at the moment. The soup is just oh my goodness. Can't say much about the people LOL JOKE.
We did a bit of shopping, initially to get a present for Tira since we were all going to Tira's birthday dinner that night, but ofcourse with all the damn sales going on, we all got abit side tracked and ended up picking a few things out for ourselves too. :'P

Tira's dinner was out in town and they all wanted to go bar hopping after, but soon after dinner Simon Zhen and I peeled ourselves away and just ended up chilling at Soju Bar. I really think I'm too old to go clubbing- and that was where the group was headed- a place called Bump and Grind. Not being single also takes away most of the purpose of clubbing too. HAHA not that I overly miss that part at all.
But its true, the highlight of going to the clubs back in the day was ofcourse dancing and singing our faces off, but the thrill of the chase!
Don't get me wrong, we still go together every now and then and it is still bags of fun, but definitely a different kind of fun.
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I still don't understand how people go out partying in town when its so damn cold! I think it was 4 degrees that night, I could hardly feel my fingers.

The next day we took my parents to eat lunch at the Watermark at Glenelg. Been a while since I had a buffet. I can't believe how much I could physically stomach back in the day. Wish I could still! Cause now I feel like I don't eat my worth when I go to buffets. Hahah I guess its not a bad thing..

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Was a nice family day out, we then went to walk around in Ikea. So much fun, just looking at things and thinking about what Simon and I would buy for our house when we come around to moving in together, different styles, layouts and functions.

That night we went to my ex-boss Daniel's house. Everytime without fail, I would end up drinking too much when we go to Daniels. He is a massive fan of drinking games and really knows how to have fun. I'm so grateful for him still inviting us to his place for parties and treating me like a sister even though I haven't worked for him since 2015. Hes one of the best.

Anyways, not hard to guess that my drive back to PA the next day was struggle town, and I was sitting in my car for 3.5hours asking why I let myself drink so much all the time!?

Needless to say I'm suuuper glad this weekend is looking pretty quiet. 
Hope everyone's enjoying their short week! The weekend approaches! :)

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