Monday, June 5, 2017

Man Crush Everyday

Cheeses crust, my body aches so badly. I'm so crazy sore in what feels like pretty much every muscle.
Had Sturt tournament on yesterday, it started at 1pm on a Sunday and finished up at Midnight, our game being the last game for the night- I somehow managed to drag my lazy ass out of bed at 6:30am the next day to drive 3.5 hours back to PA and start work at 10:30am.
Dear god I am very much exhausted by now. As you would imagine.
But hey, it was so worth it. SO worth it.

I don't think I'll ever forget how the night went down, and how much admiration for Simon I had in my heart. My goodness did he play well.
Its not just the part where he played well and went on to win Open Men's singles, but legit the semi-finals and the finals were absolute nail biters, every rally was exhilarating to watch. What blew me away was how determined he was throughout the games, even when he was losing. Every single time he would pick himself off the ground, dust himself off and just be even more ready for the next point. He looked absolutely wrecked, but he never once gave up or stopped trying.
Far out, that kind of mentality is so crazy powerful and inspirational to me. Why? Cause I don't have much of it when I'm on court. Especially playing singles- when I start to lose my confidence drops and by the end of it I'm beating myself up and the opponent doesn't really need to do much. That's why my singles game is always so struggle town.

Simon and I played mixed together too, and I'm 100% proud of what we achieved and how we played as a team. Not once did we squabble or disagree, and every mistake was followed by positive words of encouragements, instead of "you should have......".
I'm super proud.
Our semi-finals match was pretty much our finals, we played a team I had lost to without fail every time I meet them in competition- Daniel Reed and Michelle Au. Then again, I wasn't partnering Simon when I lost to them. haha
I was almost certain we would lose to them. Especially because Simon was already starting to cramp from his singles semi and Finals matches (after epic wins), and looked so so tired already.
But seriously that guy's mental strength and drive to win is incredible. What can I say. When we were down he would pick us up, when we were winning he would keep the fire going and push me to do the same.
I know I sound like a crazy little girl just praising her boyfriend to no end, but I seriously am in awe of his personality and attitude :) I love it.
When we won it, I almost cried with joy. Was such a close match and literally point for point.
I have to say though, a friend of ours- Jackson- came to coach us in the middle of the game and really turned the tables. Its one thing playing a good game athletically but another thing to really read the game play and tactically follow through. Having him to point out our mistakes and our strengths suuuper helped. So grateful for him. Before yesterday I barely said hi to the guy.. and suddenly he comes on to help us and lead us to the win.
After winning that I didn't even care if we won finals or not. I was so happy with how we played and crazy proud of Simon..
In the finals we played maybe ten points and Simon's cramps got intensely worse, to the point where his leg fully straightened and wouldn't bend even when forced. Crazy. Insane how a person can push themselves so far out of their physical limits and comfort zones. I would just stop at the first sign of a cramp lol. Weaksauce.
But anyway, definitely could not play on as Simon couldn't even walk anymore, so we ended up forfeiting the finals. Felt a little sorry for the opponents cause in the end we couldn't give them a good match. But we did what we could haha sorry guys!
So we both came away with a few wins-
Simon winning the mens singles and runner up mixed doubles, and me winning the womens doubles, runner up womens singles and runner up mixed doubles. Triple finalist yo! Haha Not bad given I've literally been wasting away over here in Port Augusta.
Although, I was very close to losing to someone I shouldn't have in my singles.. Me and my zero fitness came to bite me in my big ass. Definitely made me feel like I need to go back to the gym or something.. but man, I don't want to spend money on the gym anymore.. and too scared to go outside by myself and run lol. Aaaaanywho, maybe it'll just have to wait until I go back to Adelaide.
I really felt like I had to write this post so I could engrave it into my brain forever. The feels last night were out of this world amazing. Quite possibly one of the best moments of my life. Haha how ridiculous does that sound?

TLDR: Simon is a beast, and Jun needs to get on his level!
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