Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Chicken Potato-chip Sandwich.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

So Christmas is coming, just around the corner- as all my patients keep reminding me.. haha. The first year that my parents won't be around, I think they're off to China?
But all is good. I love being around family this time of year but it does mean I won't be so busy, trying to spend equal amounts of time between Simon's family and mine. Coincidentally Simon's parents are also overseas in HongKong at the moment and will be for a few more months.. So, more time to spend with friends. Yayer!

Haven't planned to do much as yet, I've put a $50 limit on our gifts to each other because we are both trying to save as much money as we can.. Christmas last year was an expensive one since I wanted to buy something for everyone in both families lol. Roookie mistake. 
Will get about 10 days of holiday for Christmas and New years. Not too bad, some people only get the public holiday off. Also planning on taking parents back to Malaysia in April, Simon might come too.. and I can intro him to my Mum's side of the family O: Shit is getting real. Hahah..

I'm not sure what it is, maybe its because people are spending all their money and time on preparing for Christmas, but past couple of weeks have been extremely quiet at work. For example tomorrow I have just two patients booked in- my worst day so far.. plus ofcourse any emergency patients or walk-ins. On one hand its good cause I get to just chill out.. but on the other hand, I am purely commission based so.. No patients, no money. haha shiet. I think I'm going to treat myself to a bit of a sleep in, gym and then go in to work for lunch.
My assistants want me to try a Chicken chip sandwich.. They were horrified that I hadn't tried one before.. hahah Not sure, maybe its a Port Augusta thing. Pretty much just chicken flavoured Thins chips inbetween buttered bread. I don't see the appeal but I guess I'll find out tomorrow!

Goodnight everyone, sleep tight. Hump day tomorrow, the weekend is almost here! Going to the Christening of the Daughter of Simon's boss on Saturday. Definitely will take an Uber there cause Greeks.. they love to party. Last time they threw a Christening for their baby boy we had suuuuch a good time. Friendly people, good food, great range of alcohol ;), picked up the traditional greek dance from randoms and just had a ball. I didn't know anyone there but I still had an awesome time. Greeks are just so inviting. Excited. hahah. 

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