Friday, March 4, 2016

Packing heat. LOL

Shit is getting real, real fast. One more day until I move, starting to pack things. Slowly but surely. Lucky I'll be able to go back and forth, so I feel like there arn't thaaat many things I need to pack. Plus there is a Big W, Sports power, Toyworld, Reject shop, Lingerie Bar (lol cause I'll be in there everyday), Woolworths... Oo theres a Paintball Skirmish there too. Clearly I'm scrolling through a list of all the stores there. Radio rentals.. Just jeans.. Spend less shoes..
... Plenty of stores. HAHA.
Well, not that I'll be there to shop anyways. By the time I finish work each day it'll be past 5:30 when all the stores close. Atleast Woolies don't close until 9pm everyday, so I can atleast buy a can of tuna to eat. haha..
Cooking? Me? Yeah roite. lol. I'll get onto it.. when I get sick of eating tuna. Which is never.

SO sad that they don't have a K-mart or Target.. My two absolute favourite stores :(

They have a Yoga class on Wednesday nights at the community centre, maybe I'll check that out when I'm all settled in. Only thing is my parents don't want me out after it gets dark. I've heard some bad things about people in PA at night, so I'll definitely be cautious. Maybe I'll get my housemate to come with or something.

My Shoes came in, along with a shit tonne of disappointment. Hahaha.. they were maybe half a size too small and the material felt really cheap. Like something I'd buy in K-mart for $5. Except they weren't $5. Sadface to the max. Anywho I've already posted it back to the Iconic. And probably won't be ordering from them again. Ceebs man. Plus I only get refunded the price of the shoes, so I lose out on the shipping cost. Eurgh. Online shopping isn't as great as everyone makes it out to be. I can't afford to lose money every time I don't like my purchase. Enough rage about that haha..

Heading up on Saturday morning with Simone, my bro and my cousin. Then parents are joining us in the afternoon after the finish work. Probs get things sorted and move stuff into my room.. find out what I need to go and buy and then go out adventuring. Then we're all going to have a big slumber party at my new place haha. Should be fun.

Errthing is happening all at once oh em gee.
Been busy planning for a conference in Melbourne that'll be happening in April also, organising is suuuuch a pain in the butthole. Esp now that I'll be rural, I need to organise transport, flights and accommodation that all co-incide.
Big gurl now, can't rely on my mum to plan everything like she used to haha.
But seriously. I can't plan stuff for shat. It takes me aaages to plan things, and it's always such a drag lol. Much growing up to do.
I'm getting better at not procrastinating though, when I need to pay things I pay it quickly so I don't forget, or I write them down. I feel like I've got more control over all my appointments and finances now.

OH YEA I got my implant screw in yesterday. 3 months for healing then I can get my crown. then BOOM! no more gap hahh.. Finally.
I had been putting it off so much in the last year. Using excuses like work, uni and no money to keep delaying it. Turns out it wasn't that expensive, because medibank took care of a huge portion of it. Thankyou thankyou private health insurance. Much love.
Anywhose its a little tender but not too bad at all. Had IV sedation instead of general anaesthetic so I didn't wake up feeling like shit. Eurgh. GA is the worst.

Enjoy the rest of the week, guys. Til the next update ;)

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