Sunday, March 6, 2016

P to the A

Finally in Port Augusta and settled in :) 
Its really, much better than I expected heh. I was picturing a small, untidy, trust house-esque place like the last unit I was about to rent, but its actually very spacious and super tidy and clean. 
Moved all my things into my room, and although its quite small compared to my room back in Adelaide, it has everything I need. Comfy and cosy. Double bed, desk, bedside table and wardrobe. 
Thats how all rooms should be anyways right? We just over time accumulate alot of useless shit that we need to buy shelves to display/store/collect dust. haha.. 
I'm aiming to keep things nice and simple. You know what is a smart idea? Simply hanging all the clothes apart from socks/underwear/shorts, instead of folding them and stuffing them into shelves.
It saves so much folding time, and keeps all my stuff nice and un-crumpled. Too bad the closet in Adelaide has more shelves vs hanging rack-space.

We got a Target, people :) haha I thought we didn't have one here but this town literally has everything I would ever need. Did a lot of shopping for household stuff the last couple days. Big W is so much better here, its super big, very cost-co style and warehouse-like. Right next door is the woolworths, and next door to that is the biggest Reject shop I've ever seen. Next door to that is a Cafe Primo and across the road is Target, next to the bank, which is next to my clinic. Hahaha.. 
Talk about convenience..
Enjoying my time here so far, tonight is the first night alone (aside from my housemate). Parents, brother, cousin and Simon left much earlier today. The feels are quite lonely when there arn't many things to do. I think I'm going to be blogging alot more. Unless I'm super tired from work then soz peeps. I gotta say I'm forever thankful to have my parents and Simon in my life.
The three people who would literally do anything for me. My parents put alot of effort into making sure I was comfortable, had everything I needed and kept me super positive. Simon also, kept saying how fantastic this place is and how great an opportunity I have right now, even though I know that inside he's thinking about how lonely he'll be for the next few years.. haha.
He drove me all the way from Adelaide, tidied up the house, drove me around Port Augusta searching to buy all the things I needed, installed my mirror and shower stuff, installed the tv, cooked dinner for the family and all without a single complaint. I never had to ask twice.
Not one complaint. On a disgustingly hot 40 degree day.
I don't know how I stumbled upon such a person, since when was I this lucky!? Anywho enough fan-girl.

It hasn't hit me yet, that this may be my house for the next year or two. It's a weird feeling, being away from what I'm familiar with.

Starting work tomorrow at 8:30am so I'm thinking I'll shower soon and pass out in my bed early. It's been so long since I've slept before 12.. haha..
Fingers crossed I've hit something good here with my clinic. But then again my dad pointed out to me- your experience will be good if you make it good. Just gotta keep my mindset extra positive :)
Not that I don't think it'll be a good workplace, just that I've had a few friends resign/think about resigning because they don't like where they work, or they have a problem with the patients, the way the clinic is run, the boss or what they can/cannot do. I hope none of those things happen to me, but if they do I need to turn it into something good.

Let's see how we go, shall we? 

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