Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Travellers blog

I totally thought I'd be blogging more now that I'm working away from home..
But by the time I come home everyday after work I just want to sit infront of the TV and do nothing. Haha.. Super enjoying work by the way, which is great cause it needs to be worth the distance.
Distance from my family and from Simon has been actually a good thing.
I thought I would be so lost without them constantly around in my life, but they are very much with me in different ways.
Parents call very often, Simon gives me a play by play of his life by text on my request ahhaha.
Distance really does make the heart grow fonder. By the time I see them again on the weekend, I truly appreciate and enjoy their company. As opposed to before when I would finish work and still need to find energy and patience to deal with family, which was very hard sometimes after a long day..

The thing I find annoying- and I've said this to both Simon and Rosemay a few times- is having to justify or convince people that my decision was the right one.
People hear that I'm in Port Augusta now and they immediately screw up their face and make a super grossed-out expression. You know the expression. One person couldn't even PRETEND to be happy for me, and just said " Really? But why would you ever want to go there?".
I find it so rude that they don't give it a second thought, and don't consider that for me it was a huge decision to make.
I really don't like how people jump to the conclusion that Port Augusta is super dero and bogan. Sure, there are quite a few aboriginal people here and people arn't as well off as those in the city, but what do you expect from any sort of country town?
They don't stop to think about what a great opportunity it is to work in the country or what life experiences I'll be having, or the good income it will bring. Narrow minded.
Mind you, I used to think like that too. I never thought I would head out regional. But by taking the chance and just going for it, I wouldn't ever regret coming here. I reckon I'll be here a while guys. :P
Now when people im not close to ask how it is living in port augusta and scoff at how bogan it is I just nod my head and agree lol. Cannot possibly give more of a damn.

After work tomorrow I'll be driving back to Adelaide, and then flying to Melbourne for the Young Dental Conference. Pretty excited because ladies and gentlemen, I'll be flying solo for the first time.
Jun travelling alone? Who would have ever imagined haha.. And yea its just to Melbourne and pretty sure just about everyone has travelled alone before...but I'm super excited.
I see people at the airport travelling by themselves and always think about how cool and independent they are. Deep down inside I'm still a little kid who has never gone solo.

Spending the night with my brother who lives and works in Melbourne now, then spending a night with dental friends at an AirBNB accommodation.
Excite! Havent seen Zhen Ti in what feels like the longest time. Super grateful that he can pick me up and take me to the airport too, cause i would have noooo idea. Haha.. alrighty i better get off my bed and start packing!

♡Happy hump day peoples.

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