Wednesday, April 20, 2016


My 7th week working here and boy, time has gone by so damn quick. Its gone by so quickly and yet I feel like I've worked here for a long while already. The staff and I have bonded so well and I've gotten along well with most patients (all the non-crazies). Hahah.. but seriously. Some of them be crazy. And it really does ruin the day. Especially if it happens first up in the morning, then its hard to re-focus and learn to just concentrate on the task at hand.
My housemate had one of those bad days where she just had a few too many difficult patients and cases. Came home pretty down. What to do? Took her out for maccas icecream lol. That's pretty much what I do to cheer up. Or a bag of chips. Or chocolate.
Thankfully I haven't had to do that in a long while. Not since Whyalla days haha..
I think its because of my epic dental nurses. If I feel down about some patient or unsure of whether what I did was the 'right' thing to do, they always say the right thing to cheer me up or reassure myself. The best. And thats why I love it here :) Having good support staff make work ten kajillion times more pleasant!

Changed up my routine a bit the last week.
Started going to the gym in the morning before work, instead of afterwork. Reason being I've missed way too many sessions after work, because by the time 5:30 rolls around, I'm ready to just pass out in bed.
Its always 'I'm too tired', 'this day was too hard', 'its getting too dark', 'I'll go tomorrow', 'I need to do my laundry', 'I need to cook dinner'. And then I don't go. And then much sad feels after.
So I've been waking up early, training at the gym and then eating breakfast at work before patients come in. So far, its been great :) 
I can't believe I actually wake up these days. Sleeping early really does make all the difference. And exercise in the morning really does energise you. I used to think it was all made up BS that people say to make you wake up earlier to exercise. But it really is great. 
Plus, the thought of not having to drag myself there after work is so wonderful throughout the day ahha.. Double thumbs up!
I hope I can keep it up, I'll do my best not to get lazy.

Ooo, fun bit of news. A couple of our friends, Simon, my brother and I are all going to Japan in October for 12 days :D SUPER EXCITED.
It was a VERY spontaneous decision. We saw the cheap tickets and sort of just said... screw it, lets do it. And where else better to go!? Simon hasn't been overseas in YEARS, and has never actually travelled. He's been back to HongKong but just for family stuff. And even then hes never really done the tourist-type activities.
I'm so excited, if you can't gauge that already ahha. Our first trip together! Albeit not alone, but still! I can't think of better people to go with either. My brother is going to be buckets of fun, and Chris and thong are very chilled people, yet quite organised. 
I'm all for relaxing and chilling and waking up at 12pm, but if you have the opportunity to be in ANOTHER COUNTRY and there are a buttload of fun things to do, hell no I'm not going to waste my time sleeping.
I wouldn't be able to stand a holiday with no itinerary. Gonna make sure we plan everything! So much to do! So much to seeeeee.
I've been to Japan before but with family, and when I was still a vegetarian. The food and alcohol is a big part of my excitement, not going to lie. haha..
Already made a large list of what I want to do. Thinking about it is just getting me waaaaaay to pumped up. Still got 6 months to go. Calm the farm Juniper. haha..

Aaaanywhose. Yet another public holiday coming up next Monday, so definitely going back to Adelaide. Also badminton tournament on this week and next week. Busy busy :)
I feel like even though I haven't been playing much over here, my baddy skills have definitely gone up. Maybe because of the gym? Or maybe it was a good night. Hahah Can't wait for the tournament to see whether I've improved or not.

Couple more days until the weekend. Leggooooo people!

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