Monday, April 11, 2016


Had a weekend in Melbourne to attend the Young Dental Conference. My first conference! It was.. very informative to say the least haha which means i was predominantely bored out of my brains haha.
A few of the speakers were really good and i learned heaps of good tips, but most of them just spoke about topics we were already pretty well versed with, just trying to refresh our memory. Which i guess is a good thing for us to be doing anyways as new graduates. Fresh off the boat. The boat of life. Hahah what even.
Melbourne .. I cant seem to make up my mind about how I feel about the city. Its overwhelming at how big it is in comparison to Adelaide. Sure its epic for shopping but I dont reckon i would ever consider moving here. Its just way too big, bustling and .. unfriendly. They always tell me that Adelaide people are much friendlier than any other city and i didnt believe it til now. I guess im just used to people in Adelaide.
You can probably tell that the country lifestyle is getting to me haha. So accustomed to peace and quiet.. :)

Currently watching the Aus championship swimming comp on tv hahah.. much fit, many abs.. what can I say.
..wish I could swim properly. Super jelly.
No legit, I look like a jellyfish when I breaststroke hahaha.. oh the shame.

Enjoy a good week, work hard!

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