Sunday, August 22, 2010


>:) see this face? This is the face of determination. And thats what im gona be tomorow, determined!!!!

Tomorow is the semi-finals and finals of the South Australian Badminton Open tournament.
Im in semi-finals for..
B-grade Mixed and doubles, didnt play singles
A-grade Mixed and singles, didnt play doubles :)

Wish me the best of luck! I'll come back with a few trophies hopefully?
Today was such a long day, it began at 9am when we arrived at the stadium.. and i was there until 7:30 D: so long right..
thats TEN and a HALF hours.
Thats how much we love our sport ;) wahah..-_-
although there was alot of time used just to sit around waiting..

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